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I went to Bodywork by John after they were recommended to me by some fellow classmates in one of my workout classes after I strained my shoulder and back. After an initial consultation, John went to work on my massage and put a lot of focus on my back, shoulder and arms. He was great at using the right amount of pressure, time and focus on each area. He also spent some time explaining how the muscle groups and how they worked together and gave great recommendations on how to relieve some pain during/before/after massage. I've been back to him for additional shoulder/neck pains, and I highly recommend the 90 minute massage, because you get the full experience. (Believe me, after an hour, you wish you would have gotten more time!)
His office is peaceful, serene, and a nice private environment that is perfect for a massage. As soon as you walk in, your senses are invigorated w/ the smell of scented candles, and calming ambient music in the background.
Will definitely be going back time and time again!
- Mari C.

I work out a lot and John has been incredible in relieving the tenseness and soreness from my muscles.  I also work a desk job and have lots of upper back and neck pain.  I see John every six weeks and he has become part of my health and fitness routine.  Lots of folks think getting a massage is a treat, but getting a massage with John is a necessity, especially if you suffer from any type of muscle soreness.
John is professional and his office is very clean.  You also cannot beat his rates for the services he offers!
- Nicole W.

I have a fairly athletic body and John was able to analyze and tailor a perfect massage for my muscle pain and flexibility issues. He incorporates traditional methods with new techniques other therapists have yet to learn.
Another nice thing is John uses a massage cream that absorbs right into your skin so when your massage is done you don't feel all slimy with oil and it does not get on your clothes.  Both my husband and I have had regular massages by John and highly recommend him!
- Kim M.

Best massage I've ever had!  I've had too many broken bones to talk about and with broken bones comes lots of scar tissue, pain and re-strengthening of muscles.
John, took pain away from my lower back, made my posture up straight , and got all my knots out.  He helped me learn what to do and not to do to help me recover from all my injuries as well as helped me release stress associated with work and not being able to fully function at my usual outdoorsy self.
I recommend that you go for 90 minutes your first time and then down to 60 after that.  I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!  He'll tailor to exactly what your body needs and help you heal from any of it!
CAN'T WAIT to be back out in VA again to get more massages!
- Sharon E.

John really creates the whole body spa experience in a great office space in downtown Leesburg.  You walk into the waiting area and it already feels like you are in a spa.  The best part of seeing John is that no two massages are the same.  He tailors each one to the person and the problem areas you are having that day.  He books you for an hour and makes sure you get the entire hour, not 50 minutes.  I HIGHLY recommended the 90 minute massage.  Once I got one I will never go back to the 60 minute!!
-Stephanie S.

I've had massages before where the therapist won't deviate from the script -- where no matter how badly you need a little more time spent on a certain area, you only get the prescribed amount -- no more, no less. John really listens to what you ask him to do, and focuses where *you* want him to focus, not just where he feels like focusing or where his routine directs him. I highly recommend him.
– Erin K.

I highly recommend John. The massage was great, and setting-up the appointment was a breeze! He'll make you feel calm and relaxed, and depending on your preference, he applies just the right amount of pressure. You'll already be looking forward to your next session as soon as you walk out the door.
- Cynthia F.

John knows how to get a mother-to-be to relax. His magic hands are gentle and they safely released the tension in my lower back and shoulders to alleviate pregnancy-induced sciatica. A pre-natal massage by John isn't a luxury - it's a necessity!!
– Jeanne F.

I'm a full time musician playing out 5 to 6 nights a week.  John's massages are a must for me every couple of weeks to keep me physically tuned up for my strenuous schedule.
– Mike L.

As an active runner, John was able to pinpoint my problem areas and release tension that I’ve been having.  Not only did he relax my muscles, but it’s been a great stress reliever!  John is different from the spa massages that I’ve been to because he can specifically target my problem areas.  He’s very knowledgeable and personable to work with.
- Nicole C.

John's massage was fantastic! I really appreciate that he took the time to focus on the areas that bothered me and really seemed to be more concerned with my satisfaction of the massage than anything else.
- Heather R.

I wish I had gone to see John way before my ulnar nerve decompression surgery as the few minutes he spent working on it really alleviated my symptoms.
– Kim E.

I had never had a massage....but I had to see what the fuss was all about.  John made me feel extremely comfortable and I have returned for many massages since my first one.
- Jessica D.

I am a runner and find myself sore after races.  John has helped me recover faster.  He is awesome!
- Colleen F.

As a working mother of two, and fitness instructor, I know my share of stress, aches, and pains.  John has magic hands and really can focus in on where I am the most knotted.  I feel amazing after his massages!  He is always professional and makes you feel at ease.
- Lisa A.

As a fitness enthusiast, I engage in multiple activities that strain the muscles of my body.  Massage is very important to me as it is one component in keeping myself healthy and injury free.  I am very picky when it comes to a massage therapist as I need someone who knows and understands the trouble spots that us athletes have, and who is capable of providing the deep tissue work I require.  John expertly meets both those requirements.  I highly recommend John's bodywork with two big thumbs up.
– Kristen D.

John’s technique and professional approach are outstanding. He takes the time to ask if you have any areas you would like him to work on. He is very focused and attentive.
- Liza A.

John re-energizes my body and spirit!
-Tara M.

John's hands are like magic.  When he starts working on my body, I know by the end I'll be ready for whatever life has to throw my way.  For that hour - I'm in heaven.
– Christi C.

John is fantastic.  He has a new client in me after going to ****** spa for YEARS.
- Tonya S.

John made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I crave that hour because I know I will feel absolutely calm and stress free.
- Kathy S.

John gave me the best massage I've ever had!!!!  I felt amazing afterward.  Very courteous and professional! 
- Heather Q.

John's hands are amazing! He worked out all the pain in my shoulder, and gave a wonderful massage. It was a great experience! You definitely need to see him!
- Alicia S.

What John has been able to do to relieve the tension in my shoulders is AMAZING!
- Tammy D.

John has the hands of Midas...and you will feel like 18 karats when he is done!
- Kara D.

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